Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bandito # 25 Missing Links

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bandito #22 Happy Holidays! (Part II)

Despite the unexpected location change, at the last minute. Christmas, with the family, was pulled off with dignity and grace. really, all anyone whats to eat are the cookies anyway, right?
Tomorrow, i'm spending with the Bobko's. My first Italian Christmas. should be fun.  :)

Merry Christmas everybody. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bandito #19 Happy Holidays (Part I)


This may be my first Bandito inspired by actual life events. My Keyboard has totally been failing me of late. at first, just the "D" was rebelling, then the "Y" joined in. i thought perhaps cleaning it would be good so i got one of those Duster can thingys with the skinny straw to get into hard to reach places. 
now the "T" is acting up. i think i may have actually blown crap into its inner workings. 

you will note that none of the a fore mentioned keys appear to be malfunction in this post. thats cause you're all looking. and it only happens when you don't look.

when you ecie no o look, his is wha happens reall? reall.
(previous statement exagerate for effect)

HA!, but that time...see when i spelle exagerate!  
proof positive. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bandito #16

and now, my first picture posting with added content...."added content" being, me talking about stuff.
But first:

                                                                      Bandito #16

And the picture leads me into the moment where i talk about stuff you may or may not be interested in. the pictures draw you'em or leave'em. 

you wouldn't think this would be an issue, but it came up, so i felt some explanation of WHY they don't dance, plus what exactly i'm doing here with them. was in order. 

i didn't plan on this blog. i made a little dude of rubber bands...then a few more, then i took their pictures in amusing scenarios and it made me laugh, so i shared them and it made other people laugh. 

i'm sure (i'm positive) some friends who laughed, did so while rolling their eyes. That's cool. i'm sure some friends won't care to continue seeing what ridiculousness i create to keep myself laughing. not a problem. 
This is for me. This is what i've come up to amuse myself and stay sane. 

it is silly. it is ridiculous. it might not last longer then a month. 
but, while it exists, i plan to keep making myself laugh. 

Other things besides Banditos will most likely start cropping up at some point. i'm not a one trick pony. 
....i'm not any kind of pony...

Oh, and why don't Banditos Dance? 
Cause i say so. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Banditos #12 - #15

Do you think Blue Moon could sue me? I mean...i'm show casing them, right? which is a good thing
Drink Blue Moon! its tasty!

Bandito #12

Bandito #13

Bandito #14

Bandito #15

Banditos #7 - #11

Bandito #7

Bandito #8

Bandito #9

Bandito #10

Bandito #11

Banditos # 2 - # 6

In the future, there will likely be only 1 Bandito a Day. But, for now i'm just putting what i've got so far on the blog. moderation will follow.

Bandito #2

                                                                       Bandito #3

                                                                           Banito #4

                                                                         Bandito #5

                                                                      Bandito #6


This is how things begin...Bandito #1

It all started with this little guy. I made him on a whim, and out of boredom.

Bandito #1

we'll see how he and his friends like living on Blogger.