Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This may be my first Bandito inspired by actual life events. My Keyboard has totally been failing me of late. at first, just the "D" was rebelling, then the "Y" joined in. i thought perhaps cleaning it would be good so i got one of those Duster can thingys with the skinny straw to get into hard to reach places. 
now the "T" is acting up. i think i may have actually blown crap into its inner workings. 

you will note that none of the a fore mentioned keys appear to be malfunction in this post. thats cause you're all looking. and it only happens when you don't look.

when you ecie no o look, his is wha happens reall? reall.
(previous statement exagerate for effect)

HA!, but that time...see when i spelle exagerate!  
proof positive. 

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